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NCAA: 18 points pour Hind Ben Abdelkader avec les California Bears

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Jusqu'à présent, la Bruxelloise n'avait pas encore pu montrer en match sa précision dans les tirs à distance. C'est désormais chose faite. La nuit dernière, elle a réussi six tirs à trois points, dont 5 de rang en deuxième mi-temps.


Avec 18 points, elle a signé sa meilleure performance depuis qu'elle évolue en NCAA., les commentaires de sa coach:

On Hind Ben Abdelkader’s shooting tonight
The least surprised people are her teammates and her coaches. Hind is a great shooter. We’re more surprised when she misses. She’s been in the gym a ton. She loves the game of basketball and always takes extra shots. That’s her role, to knock down shots amongst other things. When Gray has three or four people on her, we need people to spread the defense. Hind can be a high-percentage three-point shooter all the time" - commentaires complets

"The assault was led by Hind Ben Abdelkader, who hit six threes, including five in a row during a decisive stretch in the 2nd half. I mentioned in her pre-season preview that she might immediately become Cal's best shooter. It's still premature to say that she is, but today was a pretty strong argument in her favor. HIND!"

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